Stepper Motor Controllers

With power, a stepper motor, and your program you can easily and precisely control positions +/- 2 billion steps from zero

PONTECH Stepper Motor Controllers utilize simple commands from a serial port that allow precise control of the connected stepper motor

STP Stepper Motor Controllers are designed for easy communication between your computer and your motor

PONTECH Stepper Motor Controllers are proven reliable, and currently in use in industrial, medical, testing, food service, pick and place, and many other applications all over the world.


The next generation of the STP100.  All the features of the STP100 plus:

Single power supply operation from 7-46VDC

Dual or Single current control modes

Dual current control allows for adjustment of running and holding currents independently for cooler motor operation, and longer motor service life



The original PONTECH Stepper Motor Controller

32 bit step position

RS-232 or Full Duplex RS-485 Operation

Not recommended for new designs