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The UAV100 is successor of the HBC101 based on chipKIT technology. The board can be used for UAV drones, unmanned drones, and is great for the UAV DIY projects. The UAV100 was not built as a product meant to be similar to the ArduPiolt but it turns out the product is extremely similar in nature and component selection all by happen stance. As a result we are undergoing an effort to try to align the product with ArduPilot Community so that those that would like to benefit from the speed offered by Microchip PIC32 processors in there UAV's can do so.

Designed for the small scale Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle builder.

The UAV100 is an 8 Channel RC PPM Servo Controller and 8 Channel PPM Servo Receiver that is designed to allow ground control to take over the control of an (UAV) Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle at the flick of a switch to prevent a catastrophic failure from a malfunction in the flight computer.

The way the UAV board works is a single input servo input is monitored for a value much above or below servo center. In one position servo outputs are controlled by an on board CPU and in the other control is passed through from the RC receiver. This gives the user the ability to test flight control software early without fear of damaging a test vehicle.

Q: How does the UAV100 compare to the ArduPilot Mega ?

o. The UAV100 at this time WILL NOT RUN ArudPiolt Mega 2 firmware but an on going effort is being made to port the code.

o. The UAV100 is based on chipKIT technology which is compatible with Arduino at the abstracted layers of the code but runs on a PIC32 micro controller rather than a 8-bit Atmel. The result is a 5-100 times improvement in code speed (depending on the task).

o. The the UAV100 uses the PIC32MX440F512 that has a whopping 512K of program space and 32K of RAM compared to 256K of program space and 8K of RAM of the AtMega2560 used on the ArduPiolt Mega 2.

o. The UAV100 has four FET drivers that can be used to turn on solenoids, relays or what ever else you can think of.

chipKIT Uno32: first impressions and benchmarks

Q: How do I program this like the ArduPilot Mega 2?
A: Custom programs can be written for the UAV100 using the MPIDE developed for the chipKIT platform with a custom addition to the boards file.

Q: Is this smaller than the ArduPilot Mega 2?
A: No, the UAV100 is slightly larger than the ArduPilot Mega, but all components are on a single boards so its lower profile.

Q: Why does the UAV100 cost more than the ArduPilot Mega 2?
A: Did we mention its smoking fast? MORE INFORMATION UAV 100 - Attribution:
Portions of the UAV board product were developed using Open Source software and hardware. This UAV board would not be possible without the reference designs and code from the following groups:

Portions of the hardware design are based on the Uno32 by Digilent, Inc.
Servo Output Library from: by Phillip Burgess
USB Bootloader based on code from: Rich Testardi and maintained by Mark Sproul Features UAV Board - UAV100:
4 Relay Driver Outputs
RS-232 Level Shifter (Can be bypassed for LVTTL (3.3V) serial communications)
8 Servo Inputs (Better than 11-bit resolution)
8 Servo Outputs (Better than 15-bit resolution)
Weight: Less than 30g
Dimensions: 50.8mm x 90mm
These features make for and excellent UAV DIY kit building project.


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