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The SV203B servo motor controller has the base functionality of the SV203 servo motor controller with the added ability to run a BASIC program stored in an 8k byte EEPROM.

The SV203B processes commands sent by a host computer connected to the serial port. The commands are ASCII character strings that select the board, tell which servo to control, and the position of the servo.

With its ability to store program sequences and run by itself, these boards can be used for such applications as autonomous robots.
Features * Controls 1 to 8 servos per board 8 bit resolution, value from 1 to 255, under one degree precision
* Servo port can be reconfigured for digital output to drive on/off devices. Source/Sink 25 mA per pin
* Interface to PC through RS232 Serial port (2400 to 19200 baud).
* User definable board ID number (allowing multiple board to share same serial line).
* 5-Ch, 8-bit A/D input port for reading 0 - 5 Volts. (Control servo positions via Joystick/Pot)
* An SPI port for shifting in/out serial data
* Dimensions: 1.4 in X 1.7 in
* Servo Connectors: 3 pin sip. Futaba J-type connectors.
* Power supply: 7V (Up to 15V, but excessive voltage may damage servos)


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