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The STP101-ST is a bundle pack that includes (3) STP101's and (1) PP232-485f, along with the necessary RS485 cables needed to operate the motor controllers.

The STP101 Stepper Motor Controllers are the perfect choice for small to medium stepper motor applications where step positioning to 32 bits is required. The STP101 Stepper Motor Controllers are divided into four functional blocks (Embedded Microprocessor, Stepper Logic, Motor Driver Circuit, and Serial Line Drivers). The embedded microprocessor gives the STP101 Stepper Motor Controller the ability to keep track of an absolute motor position. Among other things, the position is a signed 32-bit number. Other features of the STP101 Stepper Motor Controller that are microprocessor controlled include:

Motor acceleration and deceleration
Human readable command set
Multiple board command processing
Cued commands
STP101 board status queries:
(Motor Position, Pin Conditions, etc.)

The stepping logic for the STP101 Stepper Motor Controllers are supplied by a SGS Thompson Stepper Chip with built-in current limiting and step logic. The driver chip supplies up to two Amps per stepper motor winding. The STP101 Stepper Motor Controllers have the ability to drive both RS-232A and RS-485 serial lines.

The STP101 Stepper Motor Controllers accepts commands in the form of serial data from a host computer and outputs amplified control signals for a bipolar stepper motor. There are four general purpose I/O lines that can be used for detecting home positions or motor limits. In addition, two of the I/O lines can be configured as 8-bit analog to digital converters.

With the addition of a PONTECH PP232-485F you can take advantage of the STP101 Stepper Motor Controllers on board RS-485 multiple drop network connection for addressing up to 255 boards. Cued commands can then be used for controlling two or more axis systems. Features * All the great features of the STP100 plus the following...
* Single supply operation from 8VDC to 46VDC
* Separate holding / running current setting
* Easier current limit setting
* Bias resistors installed for optical bump sensors


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