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The STP101 is a second generation version of the STP100. The STP101 adds the following functionality.

1. On board DC-DC converter that allows a single power supply to power both the motor and the control logic. The STP100 requires two power supplies (if the motor voltage is greater than 12VDC).

2. The STP101 has independent holding and running current control. The STP100 has a single current control circuit which means either your motor may run hot when its not moving or not be able to deliver as much torque while it is moving.

There are a couple of cases where you may need to use the STP100 instead of the STP101. Due to the independent power supplies for motor and logic of the STP100, you can run the motor voltage lower than 8V. The STP101 requires a minimum of 8V. For most applications we recommend a much higher running voltage (like around 24V). Another application where motor current limited externally from the STP100 cannot be done with the STP101, again, due to the need for independent logic and motor power.

The STP100, being a much older design, is built using all through hole components and therefore costs more to build than the STP101 which is built primarily with surface mount component. We considered end of life for the product but since we have a few customers that can't use the STP101 we wanted to make it available for them in a pinch. We at PONTECH have first hand understanding of the frustration of having found a solution to a problem that meets your needs perfectly then had the company discontinue the product. When paying double, triple or even more to not have to redesign the solution would have been a much more desirable path. For this reason, we choose to not end of life this product but make it justifiable to continue to sell.

The STP100 Stepper Motor Controllers are divided into four functional blocks (Embedded Microprocessor, Stepper Logic, Motor Driver Circuit, and Serial Line Drivers). The embedded microprocessor gives the STP100 Stepper Motor Controller the ability to keep track of an absolute motor position. Among other things, the position is a signed 32-bit number.


The sample interface code below uses QBasic to communicate with the STP100 Stepper Motor Controller.

OPEN "COM1:9600,N,8,1" FOR RANDOM AS #1
PRINT: PRINT "**STP100 Controller**
INPUT "Board ID Number :"; ID$
INPUT "Position of Stepper :"; Position$

PRINT #1,"MI";Position$

Below is a sample screen of above program when run.

**STP100 Controller**
Board ID Number : 1
Position of Stepper : -200

Enable Board with ID # = 1 move Stepper to position -200

**STP100 Controller**
Board ID Number : 0
Position of Stepper : 0

Returns all steppers to home position if ID # = 0, all STP100 Stepper Motor Controller boards will be enable

**STP100 Controller**
Board ID Number : 2
Position of Stepper : 1000

Enable Board with ID # = 2 move Stepper to position 1000