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Documentation at quick240.com

The Quick(tm) logic controller is a recursive acronym which stand for "Quick universal industrial control kard" logic controller.

Designed for the automated machine builder that needs the ruggedness of a PLC but can't stand programming in Ladder Logic.

The Quick-240 is a 24 channel C++ programmable logic controller that utilizes the open source chipKIT platform MPIDE tool (Multi Platform Integrated Development Environment) or Microchip(tm) MPLAB.

** Additional Features **
24 Selectable I/O Lines (3-24V in, Buss Source, Buss Sink)
10/100 Ethernet Port
USB Device Port
80MHz Processor

Portions of the product were developed using Open Source software and hardware. This product would not be possible without the reference designs and code from the following groups:

Digilent Inc.
Microchip Inc.
Schmalz Haus
and many other contributors.


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