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Adding text to your part is easier than ever before...

Glyph allows engineers using I-DEAS to quickly add text features to their I-DEAS models for manufacturing and visualization. Using Glyph, engineers can create a text part in the form of a True Type Font outline . Once the text has been created, it can be added as a feature to another part with I-DEAS modeling. The text can be used for adding a model number, model name, logo name or other text embellishment to the physical part.

At present, to place text onto a part in I-DEAS requires a DXF file containing two-dimensional font geometry created in another application (most likely on a PC). The file must be read into Drafting as a two-dimensional wireframe, then transferred to Master Modeler for creating a section. This is a daunting task for an experienced I-DEAS user with system administration knowledge, requiring at least forty-five minutes to complete. Glyph can reduce the time to mere seconds by placing a section in the shape of a font outline directly onto the Master Modeler/Surfacing workplane.

Glyph is an open architectural program launched from within I-DEAS that allows the user to create a section in the shape of a True Type Font outline. Once running, the user can enter a line of text, part name, part number, and select a True Type Font. There are options for scaling width and/or height that can maintain text aspect ratio if desired. The user can define the width and/or height using the built-in I-DEAS measure command. The outline can then be moved or projected onto a part surface so that it may be extruded.