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The EVM100 is the daughter board (EVM101), along with the EVM100-Kit, designed for easy break out of the peripheral and address/data connections to the following Motorola DSP EVM's:

DSP56F826EVM, DSB56F827EVM, DSP56852EVM, and DSP56858EVM MORE INFORMATION E-mail : tech.support@pontech.com Features * 7mm board gap between EVM and Daughter Board that clears all pins (may be difficult to use dip JTAG connection on the 827EVM)
* Header connections with 2mm centers (not pictured)
* One Ribbon cable for connection to proto area (not pictured)
* One VECTOR(tm) CIRCBORD(TM) 8018 2mm/0.1inch proto board
* Schematic Diagram
* Works with these four Motorola EVM's: DSP56F826EVM, DSB56F827EVM, DSP56852EVM, and DSP56858EVM. (pin out based on particular EVM used)