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Voltage and Range 7-45VDC (Must be 3V greater than output)
Grounding common ground between input and output (no case)
Surge not specified (optionally a 7-63V input range can be had)
Reversal not protected
DC Current (Output Power)/(Efficiency x Vin)
AC Current Pulses with peak magnitude = Max Output Load Current
Current No Load Less than 15mA

Voltage 8V
Current 1.0A Max
Setting Accuracy not specified
Ripple and Noise Better than 60mV peak-peak
Line Regulation (Full Range) +/-5%
Load regulation not specified
Temperature Coefficient not specified
Short Circuit Protection not specified
Voltage Stability not specified
Over voltage protection not specified
Isolation none-common connected to minus input
Efficiency Better than 60% over input range, peak efficiency better than 85%

General Specifications
Cooling not specified
Derating not specified
Case temperature rise not specified
Operation Temperature Range -40C Storage Temperature Range not specified (better than operation temp)
Switching Frequency 52KHz