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 +====== Uptick(tm) / Ticket(tm) I2C ID EEPROM ======
 +The Uptick(tm) motherboard and each compliant Ticket slot have a I2C EEPROM installed ([[|Microchip P/N: 24LC025T-I/OT]]).  I2C does not use the concept of chip select but instead each device on the bus has its own address.  I2C EEPROM chips are assigned the address 0x5x (0b1010xxx) where the x is selectable depending on the EEPROM chip used.  The I2C EEPROM used on a Uptick(tm) Ticket have three user select-able address lines, A2, A1 and A0.  A2 is not broken out of the chip and is always zero and A1 is tied to logic 0 always making it zero as well.  This allows the Ticket EEPROM's to have the address range 0x50-0x51. A1 for each Ticket slot is tied to a unique pin on the Uptick(tm) microcontroller creating a chip select like scheme that allows the EEPROM on an individual Ticket to be addressed by setting A1 to logic zero while setting all other Ticket A1 lines to logic one.
 +The address of the EEPROM on the Uptick(tm) motherboard is tied to 0x53
 +The address of each Ticket slot is set using the address selector pin: (Max32 abstracted pin numbers: 32,31,30,52,50,85 for IO Tickets 0-5 respectively and 44 for Com Ticket).
 +[[Ticket ID Format]]
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