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 +====== Quick240-REV-B PCB ======
 +===== Schematic =====
 +{{:quick240-rev-b-1e61fee48f8eb457e01cb71d6131c93b8268f562.pdf|Quick240-REV-B Schematic (pdf)}}
 +This schematic is for the ProLinear/PONTECH Inc. assembly number: PLPB-0030-REV-B
 +===== Bill of Materials (BOM) =====
 +This is the BOM for the first production Quick240 assemblies.  The internal assembly number and revision are PLPA-0080-REV-D, however, this is the first released version.  They are easily identifiable by the white soldermask with black silkscreen.  All previous unreleased revisions had green soldermask with white silkscreen.
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