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 +This Kard uses a level shifter to enable CAN comunication between a Quick240 and other devices that utilize this interface. Due to the processor's dedicated pins this Kard unlike most others can only function properly in Kard slot five.
 +The user of this Kard will probably want to download the library from [[,892,942&Prod=CHIPKIT-NETWORK-SHIELD|Digilent]] the only modifications to the Example needed is to set the enable for the chip pin 10 (C5IO2) to output an then make it low. Since the board has only one port you will need to change the send and receive node addresses to communicate between two quick boards (or whatever needs to be communicated with).
 +The define for C5IO2 in the variant is wrong on 20140821 and older versions of MPIDE correct it in your copy or just use the number.
 +The Kard has only one level shifter that corresponds to CAN module two.
 +The Quick240 needs to have the latest version of the bootloader installed (all boards sold before 3/2/15 will need to be updated)
 +=== Port Pin Map ===
 +^Kard Output Pin^REV X1
 +|  0   | Ground |
 +|  1   | CANH   |
 +|  2   | CANL   |
 +|  3   | C5IO3  |
 +^Kard IO Pin^REV X1
 +|  0   | C2TX           |
 +|  1   | C2RX           |
 +|  2   | !Enable        |
 +|  3   | Direct to Rail |
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