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 +|Microcontroller |PIC32MX795F512L|
 +|Clock Speed |80 MHz|
 +|Architecture |32-Bit|
 +|Operating Voltage |24 VDC|
 +|Input Voltage (limits) |8-30 VDC|
 +|Digital I/O Pins |24 (2x12 pin rails)|
 +|Max DC Current per I/O Pin |2A (6A max per rail)|
 +|Flash Memory |512 KB (+12 KB for Bootloader)|
 +|Data Ram |128 KB|
 +|Ethernet |10/100|
 +  * Four Hardware UART(S)
 +  * A USB Host or Device Controller
 +  * 10-bit ADC Channels
 +  * 8 DMA Channels
 +  * Timer Hardware
 +  * SMSC Ethernet Physical Layer
 +  * Secondary 32kHz Clock Crystal \\ This allows for easy utilization of the PIC32 Real Time Clock Module
 +==== Power ====
 +The Quick240 is designed to operate between 8VDC to 30VDC nominal 24VDC.
 +  * High voltage in - 5VDC 1.5A Output DC-DC Converter
 +This is accomplished with a dual power supply circuit that starts with a high efficiency DC-DC converter that outputs 5VDC with up to 1.5A of output current.
 +  * 3.3VDC 800mA Linear Regulator
 +The 5VDC power supply in turn drives a linear +3.3VDC 800mA supply.  These power supplies with a largess of excess current mean that custom boards with hearty power requirements can be implemented with ease.
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