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 +====== Methods of Android Communication ======
 +^Method^Description^Tools & Versions^
 +|USB chipKIT Host|Quick240 acts as USB host to communicate with Android ADK|MPIDE 20130715|
 +|:::|:::|[[|ADK 20140321]]|
 +|USB chipKIT CDC-ACM Device|Use the Quick240 in USB Device (USB for Serial mode) to talk to an Android application with the Android acting as a USB Host|[[|FTDriver]]|
 +|Ethernet chipKIT WebServer|||
 +|Ethernet chipKIT JSON Client|||
 +===== USB =====
 +==== chipKIT Host / Android Device ====
 +==== chipKIT Device / Android Host ====
 +===== Ethernet (Wired) =====
 +====== Related Links ======
 +[[|The dirty truth about USB device charging]]
 +[[|USB charging controller with integrated power switch and attach detector]]
 +[[|USB Battery Charging with the Microchip/SMSC 
 +USB2534 Hub Controller]]
 +[[|USB Host Shield library Version 2.0 (USB HUB Support)]]
 +====== Android Devices Untested ======
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